Highlights of Classroom Activities May 2002


Discovery School is unique in three ways:

  • small class size,
  • hands-on, problem-solving curriculum strategies, and
  • caring and nurturing setting involving class meetings for guidance and planning.

Check out this performance of a weird weather book called "Pigstick and the Crazy Weather". It is a webmovie.(7 MB) 

Here's a treat! Listen to Discovery Students (Annual Giving Dinner) singing WoYaYa! It is a large file (2.2MB) and will need to download before playing.

Discovery Students read 2,129books in four weeks of the Read-a-Thon!!

Meghan Sayres, author of The Shape of Betts Meadow, visits with students for Author's Day, May 17, 2002.

Author's Day is a celebration of stories, writing and of student achievement. During activities in the morning we experienced:

The day continued with recognition of each student and their books written and published by Discovery Press, a toast to authors, and sharing with parents of the many books written in each classroom.

Discovery School offers students opportunities for problem-based learning and cross-aged groupings.

Math class in 3rd grade gives students opportunities for hands on problem solving as well as paper and pencil tasks. The pictures illustrate a group effort at solving a large division problem. Students were challenged to prove the solution with a pile of over 500 tiles.

Fourth graders are completing study of the geography and literature of each continent, most recently Africa. Students read and dramatized African folktales, built habitats, designed Wildlife Parks, made country artifact boxes and planned an African meal as a culminating project.


Discovery School is also uniquely located in downtown Spokane with easy access to parks, theater, concerts, museums, businesses, city issues and other enriching activities. Community service is built into many curriculum units. Fifth and Sixth grade students deliver Meals on Wheels one day each month. Discovery Third graders contributed ideas about downtown development to the Envision Spokane process currently underway. 4/5/6 grade students recently exhibited artwork related to their response to September 11 at an Arts District Gallery. Students also recently spearheaded a neighborhood clean-up for Earth Day which involved students working side by side with employees of neighboring businesses. Discovery students participated in a paint-over graffiti project near the school as community service.

Friday is Trading Day

Spokane freely gives our students on-the-spot learning and we feel that we give Spokane something as well. Using hands-on, real-life experiences enhances learning. Discovery students do exceptionally well on standardized tests, and they have knowledge about "community" not easily observed in other schools. These hands-on community based experiences are also evidenced in the confidence the students exhibit when talking in front of groups or performing in plays and musical performances.

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