About Discovery School

Discovery School, an independent Pre-school through 6th grade school, is a member of the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools (PNAIS). Discovery School prepares young people to succeed in a future more complex and more challenging than our world today. Students begin developing life-long skills at an early age, preparing them to become effective and responsible citizens.

Vision Statement

As we join the heads, hearts and hands of our parents, teachers and students, we will graduate emotionally mature, intellectually capable, inquisitive, socially aware and self-motivated students who are fulfilling their potential.

Discovery School is located in downtown Spokane, close to many cultural sites in the city. Students in Preschool through sixth grade learn a rich variety of academic skills with an experienced, state-certified teaching staff. Classroom students-teacher ratios do not exceed 17 to 1.

The curriculum at Discovery School includes language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health, foreign language creative arts, music, information and technology skills and physical education. In addition, students enjoy the pleasure and personal satisfaction of enrichment activities. Numerous field trips enhance the learning opportunities, bringing topics to life. Children of all ages participate in community service projects.

At Discovery School we believe: