Celebrations and Traditions Around The World
Harvest Celebrations

China Harvest Moon Festival
Family Cultural Site
Harvest Moon Legend
description of lanterns for Moon Festival
legend and how to make moon cakes

Korea - ChuSok
Family Cultural Site
Explanation of the activities of the three day holiday
More description of holiday

Israel - Sukkot
Family Cultural Site, Israel
explanation of sukkot
description and recipes





Festivals of Light
Selection of Festivals of Light
Festivals of light
-2; Winter solstice celebrations
Diwali - India
Meaning of Diwali; another description; easy description
Recipes for Diwali: Malpuda and Kheer

Chanakkah - Jewish religion/Israel
Begins December 7(sundown) until December 14
Meaning of Chanakkah or Hanakkah
Hanakkah crafts:

Chanakkah recipes: latkes

Posadas - Mexico
Meaning of Posadas; description of Las Posadas; easy description
crafts for Christmas


Meaning of Kwanzaa; Description of Kwanzaa


World and US Monuments

Liberty Bell
Ben's Guide to Symbols of U.S. Government
Yellowstone National Park

Lincoln Memorial
Gateway Arch ; Gateway Arch Pictures
Grand Canyon
Statue of Liberty
Mt. Rushmore:
Washington Monument
Statue of Liberty
grand canyon thinkquest "Natural Wonders"
Vietnam Veterans Memorial


Seven Wonders of Ancient World + modern wonders+ Forgotten wonders
Eiffel Tower
Roman Colosseum
Taj Mahal
Great Wall of China
About Big Ben clock tower:
Rescuing the world monuments:
machu picchu, Peru
slide show machu picchu
Ayers Rock thinkquest "Natural Wonders"
Ayers Rock - Uluru:
Wonders of the world - Thinkquest project:

Classroom Activities
Habitat Studies
Class Trips
Foreign Language
Class Meetings

New Year's Celebrations:
Chinese New Year
Chinese Calendar
Making red packets
Celebrating the Chinese New Year

for Students

Printable maps of the world

for Teachers

for Parents

Stories on-line; Fun to read

Bluebird Trails:


2nd grade Math sites:
online worksheets
Math Mad Minutes:
another mad minutes
Dr. Math Forum

Cameron's Trip to France

admissions / office

library / business/
School Head

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