Pathfinders to finding information about topics within Ancient Egypt


  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Civilization - Egypt
  • Egypt, Ancient
  • Pyramids, Mummies, Sphinx, Heiroglyphic

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link for British Museum, Egypt: thinkquest ancient civilizations (Facts and Timeline)
Odyssey - A very readable site with good information Ancient Egypt hierglyphics
Art Institute of Chicago timeline of ancient civilizations egypt: carnegie museum of natural history
ancient egypt discovering egypt - Mark Millmore site
Overview information in Encyclopedias
Information books Call # - 932
Make a Cartouche in Heiroglyphics
Links for Usborne Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt - input page number
Pathfinders to finding information about topics within Ancient Greece


  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Civilization - Greece
  • Coliseum
  • Parthenon
  • Acropolis
  • Athens
  • Sparta
  • Corinth
  • Mythology - Greek

Information Call # 938

Ancient Greece Pathfinder Daily life in ancient greece
BBC Ancient Greece for Students good resource for Greece architecture, daily life, food, art, etc.
PBS The Greeks Mr. Dowling site on Ancient Greece
Greek alphabet nice photos of Greek architecture(scroll down to Greece Sites)
Greek Olympics simulation PBS The Greeks (this has walk through Acropolis and other interactive features
Greek Clothing / Greek Food Greek research:
Olympian Gods images and text
Greek Gods and Goddesses, Heroes, Monsters, titans, and more
Greek Myths Webquest
Olympian family trees
UnivPenn-The Ancient Greek World
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Pathfinders to finding information about topics within Ancient Rome Information Call # 937


  • Ancient Rome
  • Ancient Civilization - Rome
  • Colosseum
  • Aqueducts
  • Roman Roads
  • Roman Military
  • Pompeii
  • Roman Emperors
  • Roman Houses
Thinkquest Ancient Civilizations - Rome PBS Roman Emperors
Roman Empire timeline and animated maps Roman Roads
Transportation in Roman Empire Roman achievements
A virtual Visit to Ancient Rome Why did Rome fall?
Virtual walking tour of colosseum a list of roman battles with dates, winners, losers
photos of roman archaeology sites Ancient Rome Course
School site designed by BBC diagram of republic structure/plebian vs patrician


Pathfinder for Weather / Disaster Information Continental Drift and Pangea

Keywords: Lightning, Tornado, Hurricane, Floods, Hail, drought, blizzard,
Information Call # 551.6

Continental Drift and pangea from NASA
Chronological list of billion dollar weather disasters 1980 - 2003 pangea movie
Stories of storms of 20th century enchanted learning page on continental drift
researching weather data VR of breakup of Pangea:
Spokane Weather Data USGS pages of continental drift:

Storm ready site Choose Severe Weather Statistics, select Washington then you can choose the kind of disaster (I tried hail at least 2 inches and got 5 storms between 1986 - 2003)

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