Bob Evans, died unexpectedly December 17, 2005, in Las Vegas, NV. He had been the Art Teacher, an "artist in residence," for Discovery School for nearly 15 years (1991-2005). Bob welcomed every student into the art studio and helped each one to find their artistic voice. All ages of students learned to create, have fun and to see themselves as artists. They developed skills, solved problems with the materials, and learned to be responsible with the creative freedoms in the Art studio.

Bob was instrumental in guiding the students through the creation of very successful pieces of art for the school's annual Auction for 15 years. Tables with ceramic tiles, 4 lamps each year, platters, cookie jars, chess set and table, benches, a magnificent hall clock, barbeque carts, and more are treasured objects in many famlies in Spokane. Every student has many ceramic creations, paintings, constructions made from re-cycled materials.

Bob facilitated students' participation in community art events, attending gallery exhibitions, meeting with other artists, and creating exhibits to share with the community, particularly in response to 9/11/2001 diasters in NYC. In addition he collaborated with classroom teachers to integrate art into curriculum themes and topics. He also collaborated with classroom teachers to teach science through research and community service at Turnbull Wildlife Refuge.

Bob also taught art at the Spokane Art School, Crosswalk, Spokane Community College and other art enrichment programs in Spokane. He was also a member of the Spokane Arts Commission. He will be greatly missed.

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