The purpose of the class meeting is to give compliments and to solve problems. Class meetings begin with appropriate compliments for anyone in the school community. These compliments are usually for thoughtful behaviors. Problems range from curricular suggestions, to party planning, to personal interaction difficulties. Teachers facilitate these meetings rather than direct them. Students are expected to determine consequences for problems that might arise. Consequences can either be natural or logical but must always be related, respectful and reasonable. Class meetings are not designed to punish individuals, but rather to provide helpful suggestions and consequences that would discourage similar behaviors from re-occurring. Not all solutions work every time - part of Discovery School's dedication to problem solving is to enable children to take responsibility for their own behavior. We believe that mistakes are a tool to learn by. One of the best ways to insure personal growth is to allow children to experience both mistakes and successes in safe, familiar surroundings.

Facilitator takes down suggestions from students.
Our approach to solving problems and two-way communication is through a weekly class meeting format. Each room has an agenda book in which ideas, suggestions and concerns are recorded. On meeting days a circle is formed and compliments given to start the discussion process. It's an environment where attentive listening, respect for differing opinions, shared decision making and responsibility are expected and practiced. The adult acts as facilitator. The roots for this approach are founded in Adlerian philosophy and the democratic approach to discipline found in the book, Positive Discipline by Dr. Jane Nelson. As staff and parents, we meet to read and discuss this book yearly.
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When students leave Discovery School and come back later to visit, the thing they seem to miss the most is the respect and interchange of ideas that occurs on a daily basis between student and teacher.


Discovery School strongly believes that the ability to empower children in solving problems and taking responsibility for their actions is essential to the learning process as it relates to the education of the whole child.
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