Discovery School is unique in many ways:

  • educating the whole child through hands-on, problem-solving curriculum strategies,
  • caring community where parents, teachers, students and staff work together to promote life-long student success,
  • reaching out to a mix of cultural, ethnic and social populations who share, respect and stimulate learning

Above: Discovery students and teachers at the "Take Pride in America Awards" Ceremony, September 14, 2006, Washington, DC.

Left: Students met with Senator Maria Cantwell on Washington Trip.

Right: After the Awards Ceremony, students and families enjoyed 3 days of seeing the White House, the Smithsonian museums, the National Archives, all the Monuments and Memorials on the Mall, and the national Zoo, plus expriencing the metro and life in the city.

The first week of school, September 2006, and classes are off to a great start.
Left: new First Graders

Right: new Third Graders


Classroom Activities
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Foreign Language
Class Meetings
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5th/6th Production of The Emperor's New Clothes
Presented in a dinner theatre on May 25, 2006, the 5/6 grade class wowed the audience with their singing, acting and humor. Diners were treated to a gourmet dinner served by attentive waiters, and then enjoyed the show. The Dinner Theatre was a fund-raiser for the class trip to Camp Orkila on Orcas Island set for a week in June.
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Auction Projects 2006
See more auction projects here
Student artwork projects from each class are the featured items at the Annual Discovery School Auction in March.

Students in each class work together under the direction of their classroom teacher and Art teacher, Toni Plastino, to create spectacular items.

Preschool - Multicultural Theme Quilt and Blanket Box/Bench

Prekindergarten - Peace Patio Table
Kindergarten - Birds and Feathers Screen
First Grade - a Yard art Whirlygig
Second Grade- 3 Paintings: Flying School Bus, Tom + Jerry, Candy Bars
Third Grade - Table with fantasy theme characters wood burned and stained
Fourth Grade - Mosaic patio table and chairs
Fifth/Sixth Grade - Lawn sculpture: Heads on poles

Discovery School is uniquely located in downtown Spokane with easy access to parks, theater, concerts, museums, businesses, city issues and other enriching activities. Community service is built into many curriculum units. Fifth and Sixth grade students deliver Meals on Wheels one day each month. Discovery second, third and fourth graders are involved in Riparian Restoration at Turnbull Wildlife Refuge near Cheney as a part of their classroom science studies. Students and families are planting trees and shrubs and watering and weeding around them through the summer. In addition, second graders are monitoring a Bluebird Trail, checking 12 boxes each 2 weeks to note changes in activity of the bluebirds as they build nests, lay eggs, and raise a family. Discovery Kindergarten and First graders have been making craft/art gifts and visiting the Spokane Veteran's Home every other month.
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Discovery School/WLMA Video Camp
Summer, 2005

Hands-on learning for both teachers, librarians and students; service to the community.


Spokane freely gives our students on-the-spot learning and we feel that we give Spokane something as well. Using hands-on, real-life experiences enhances learning. Discovery students do exceptionally well on standardized tests, and they have knowledge about "community" not easily observed in other schools. These hands-on community based experiences are also evidenced in the confidence the students exhibit when talking in front of groups or performing in plays and musical performances.

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