At Discovery School we believe that teaching a foreign language goes beyond words, grammar, and mere comprehension. Our goal is to provide opportunities for children to acquire foreign language skills while their "window for language" is still open. These language skills are best taught through cultural integration. In addition to focusing on vocabulary and languge usage, students have fun celebrating Spanish holidays with food and activities. All students have Spanish classes for two 30 minute periods each week.
Younger children learn mainly through games, songs, listening and speaking. Language learning strategies are called the "Total Physical Response" (TPR) method. Vocabulary is used with a corresponding movement. This enhances retention of the target language. It also allows children to move freely and discover new vocabulary rather than translate it to English. This natural approach allows us to listen, comprehend, act and speak before reading and writing. Reading and writing skills are emphasized beginning at the 5th and 6th grade levels.
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At Discovery School we foster respect for diversity in cultures and provide the exposure and education needed for students to become responsible world citizens in our ever changing society. Through our foreign language program our children gain a different perspective on issues, a more tolerant disposition and new insights into their own culture.All students have Spanish classes for two 30 minute periods each week.


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