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Directories- indexed databases with sites that have been selected and reviewed by humans.
Search Engines - matches your search words from text of pages. Returns lots of sites, you have to do the sorting and checking for reliability.
  • KidsClick!: Web Guide and Search Tool for Kids by Librarians

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Foreign Language
Washington for Kids
cool page of information about your birth date:
Weather for Kids(great resources)
Class Meetings
World Climate
maps from National Geographic
Postcards from US
Earth and Moon Viewer:View the earth and realtime day/night regions, from various latitudes, satellites, from the sun, or from
the moon.
World Almanac for Kids historical timeline, facts on animals, historical birthdays, religion, the states, etc LEARN TO READ STORIES ONLINE:A selection of fifteen interactive stories for grades K through 2
for Students
spanish-english dictionary: World Biomes
for Teachers
Word of the day hubble telescope pictures
Celebrate Dr. Seuss with these interactive stories
Time for Kids Solar System Coloring book
PBS Stories online: Lions
Can you place the 50 states on the map? - game Current Earthquake Data

Discovery Favorite songs:


Lego Building Sites

Plans for building cars:

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