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Interesting and Useful Teacher Resources
Classroom Activities
Washington EALRS Gradelevel on-line OSPI resources
Scholastic Teacher Resources
Tapped-In: teachers online professional development:
Habitat Studies
Teacher resource from
Gateway to Educational materials

TEACHING TO ACADEMIC STANDARDS-workshop on content and performance standards

Class Trips
Web Portal for teachers
Teachers fieldtrips
Online Rubric maker
Foreign Language
k-3 reading comprehension -lots of short reading passages with comprehension questions following
A collection of Teacher Resources called "Sites for Teachers" Positive Discipline site
Class Meetings
Educator's Calendar
Teachervision Theme Library:
Emergent Literacy assessment tools
Math lesson plans from Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Math and Science
The Learning Page for teachers from Library of Congress
theme pages from community learning network
for Students
Math Literacy week in October:

    Children's Literature Resources:

for Teachers
Overview of changes in the NCTM standards
Center Focus ideas from Innovative classroom:
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Science as Inquiry Sites

Video-on-demand Science as Inquiry
NWREL:Teaching strategies for Connect: Design: Investigate: Construct meaning:
Constructivist view of science education
The Nature of Science Benchmarks on line(AAAS project to improve science education)
Inquiry page

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