One focus of the Discovery School experience is to provide our students with opportunities to take risks and to stretch themselves outside of their normal comfort zones. As the students grow, so do the challenges.

  • Preschool students participate in an activity at a local park
  • PreK and Kindergarten students take a group bicycle ride
  • First and second graders spend the night at school
  • Third and fourth graders leave the school grounds to camp and hike at a nearby county park
  • Fifth and sixth graders leave the Spokane area to spend several days experiencing other environments

The purpose in life is not to get rid of the butterflies in your stomach, but to get them to fly in formation. -
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These "camp out" experiences are carefully planned occasions for each child to spread his or her wings and take a safe risk toward independence. Preparing food, pitching tents, time management and living close together is designed to provide just enough stress to develop a sense of community and self-reliance. Adequate supervision and developmentally appropriate activities are a part of the program. The "camp out" is at the end of the school year.


Early Discovery Center - Kindergarten/Pre-K

Early Discovery Center students ride their bikes on the Centennial Trail from Mission Park to Riverfront Park and back to Mission Park for a picnic.

First and Second Grades Overnight at School

First and Second graders participate in theme-based activities while staying overnight in the school. For many students this is the first time away from home.

Classroom Activities
Habitat Studies
Class Trips


Class Meetings
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Third and Fourth Grades Camping Trip

Third and Fourth graders go camping for two days and one night. After saying goodbye to parents, campers first task is to set up their tents with tentmates. Tents come in many sizes and shapes and reading the directions (or practicing at home) and getting all the poles in the right places offers a great problem solving challenge.

Camping activities are organized Habitat Studies, Washington state explorations, or Outdoor Safety themes. The days were busy with flower walks, bird watching, canoeing, journaling, stream, marsh and forest investigations and analysis, campfire, as well as food preparation, clean-up and play time. For many students this is the first time to sleep out in a tent and the first time on a trip without parents.


Fifth and Sixth Grades Trips
Each year students in the 5th/6th grades decide on the kind of trip they want to take. Recent trips have included hiking and climbing in Idaho mountains, Camp Orkila on Orcas Island, San Juan Island, and sailing in Puget Sound. Students set the goal early in the year so that they can earn the money for the trip.
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