Discovery Students in the 5th grade have researched locations, people, and events in Spokane History by looking through primary source documents, and newspapers found in the NW Room of the Spokane Public Library and photos in the archives of the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture.
When their reports were finished, students went on-location to film their findings. A Spokane History Video was edited by the students. This website has been created with the last six years (1998-2004) of student reports edited by a team of students.
This site was entered in the International Cyberfair Competition in 1998 and 1999. This project won 3rd place in Category 6: Historical Landmarks . It has been revised and improved with each successive year's reports.

We invite you to look around and view Spokane with historical eyes!


All students began by reading the following resource:

Schrapps, Marcia O'Neill, and Compau, Nancy Gale. Our City ... Spokane. Spokane: Lawton Printing Company,1996.
Cochran, Barbara F. Exploring Spokane's Past: Tours to Historical Sites. Fairfield, WA: Ye Galleon Press, 1984.

The following resources were used for more specific research by individual students:

American Association of University Women. By the Falls: Women of Determination.Spokane: Copy Shack Drive-In, 1989.
Bean, Margaret. Age of Elegance: Spokane, 1898. Spokane: Eastern WA Historical Society, 1968.
Brougher, Lynne, Interpreter. Fort Spokane, Coulee Dam National Recreation Area. 10/30/96.
Cheney Cowles Museum Archive. Photograph Collection. 3/24/99.
Glover, James N. Reminiscences of James N. Glover. Fairfield, WA: Ye Galleon Press, 1985.
Historic Preservation Office. Downtown Historic Walking Tour. Spokane: Historic Preservation Office, 1995.
Hook, Harry and McGuire, Frances. Spokane Falls Illustrated. Minneapolis: Frank Thresher Publisher, 1889.
Kalez, Jay. Saga of a Western Town.. .Spokane: Lawton Printing, 1972.
Mathews, Henry. Kirtland Cutter: Architect in Land of Promise. U of WA Press, 1998.
Munk, Ivan Spokane Country: The Way it was. Spokane: Heritage Publishing, 1973.
Nisbet , Jack. "Spokane House: A Year With The Fur Trappers". The Inlander, 18 March 1998 , 8-13.
Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture Archive. Photograph Collection. 5/2003 and 2/2004.
Pope, Mary Knox, The First Fifty Years. Spokane: Empire Printing Company, 1929.
Westminster: 75 Years In God's Service. Spokane: Westminster Congregational Church, 1954.

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