Dr. Mary Latham, Spokane's First Woman Doctor

I wanted to find out who the first doctor in Spokane was because both my parents are doctors. I found out that the first doctor was a woman named Mary A. Latham. She spoke both greek and latin. She was born and raised in Cincinnati. She graduated from Cincinnati School of Medicine and Surgery in 1884. She was the first female doctor in Spokane.
She married Dr. E.H. Latham and they moved to Spokane.She came to Spokane in 1887 for a better climate for her health. In Spokane she was head of the Spokane Children's home. She also established a hospital for women on the North Hill. Also she was the chair woman for the WA branch of the Queen Isabelle Assoc, a medical association. She was also the secretary and treasurer of the Humane Society.
Mary A. Latham died on Jan. 20, 1917, at Sacred Heart hospital of penumonia after caring for a baby with pnuemonia. She was 72 yrs old. She was considered one of the best doctors in Spokane. She was also thought of as one of Spokane's mothers. Isn't it cool that the first doctor was a woman?
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