Lewis and Clark High School

In the 1880's Spokane was deeply affected by coming of the RailRoad and the Gold Rush in northern Idaho.There was a big need for new schools. An 8 room frame building, built in 1883, was replaced by a bigger brick structure in 1891 on this site. Another school was built in the north of the city in 1908, but it burned in 1910.
Lewis and Clark High School is a 4 story brick structure designed in 1912 in the Gothic style by Spokane Architect, LL Rand. It is at the foot of the Spokane City's South Hill. It is known as a landmark.
When Lewis and Clark was finished, president Roosevelt came in 1912 to put in the cornerstone. There was a tradition that perhaps he accidently put in backwards. However, that tradition was proved not true during recent renovation and re-dedication of the building.
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