Spokane Now

Spokane, WA, is located in Eastern Washington in a region called the Inland Empire.

Our city is located at

  • 117 degrees 25 minutes W longitude and
  • 47 degrees, 40 minutes N latitude
Community Celebrations:
A major event in our city every May is Bloomsday. Bloomsday is a 12 kilometers roadrace begun in 1977. The first one had about 1,200 people. In 1983, Bloomsday officially became the largest timed road race in the U.S.A. Now, about 55,000 people participate in Bloomsday each year.
Bloomsday is part of a spring celebration called the Lilac Festival. A torchlight parade through downtown Spokane streets is another highlight of the festival. We also host Hoopfest. It is a three on three basketball tournament for all ages. Downtown streets become courts in this huge festival of basketball.
Riverfront Park
We also have some great places to go in our city. Riverfront Park is in the middle of our city. We hosted the World's Expo here in 1974. The theme of the Expo was creating a better environment. The Expo '74 re-created downtown Spokane. Before Expo, the riverfront was a jumble of railroad tracks and trestles. The river and Falls was not visible nor accessible to citizens.
The Spokane River runs through the middle of Riverfront Park. There are big waterfalls. There are bridges that go over the river for people to walk over and look at them. A featured attraction of Riverfront Park is a Loof carousel that dates back to the turn of the century. This beautiful set of horses first offered rides in Natatorium park in 1909 . It took a German wood carver two years to hand carve these beautiful animals. After Nat Park closed, the carousel was stored and then moved to this place at the time of Expo 74. The Centennial Trail, a paved trail from Spokane RiverFront Park to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, began construction in 1989. It's a great place to walk, ride bikes or roller blade along the Spokane River for 30 miles.
Many celebrities grew up or used to live here. A couple of them are John Stockton, Ryne Sandberg, Mark Rypien, Bing Crosby, and Craig T. Nelson. Scott O'Grady grew up in Spokane, as well. Wheat, timber, railroads, aluminum, and medical facilities are some of our industries.
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