Discovery Publishing Company

Discovery School students and teachers enjoy great support from parent volunteers. The Publishing Company assists students with word processing and putting together student written and illustrated books. The process is as follows:

  • Student writes a story or information book in Language Arts class, and goes through the editing process.
  • Student brings edited draft of story to an appointment with a Publishing Company volunteer.
  • A contract for word processing including page layout is made.
  • Student begins to work on illustrations.
  • Student meets with publisher for discussion of style of binding for typed story and illustrations.

Student shares story with class members from the Author's Chair.

An annual event in the Spring is the all-school Author's Celebration. The day features celebration of stories in music, dance, art, and brings a published author to meet the students. After introduction of each student author, students and parents toast to their accomplishments. A highlight of the day is sharing student written and illustrated stories.

Visiting Author

With a major emphasis on the writing process in each classroom, Discovery School, welcomes many visiting authors. Washington author, Clare Hodgson Meeker, recently shared her books and how she did the research for Lootas, her book on a sea otter pup rescued in Alaska and raised at the Seattle Aquarium.

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